Saturday, March 6, 2010

Veg on the Cheap: Amazing Savings

Come prepared to check expiration dates with an awareness that you may get the occasional stales chocolate bar or freezer burnt vegan ice cream. True to its name, this place does have some amazing deals:

1)Three 6 oz bags of assorted chips (potato, popcorn, veggie twists, etc.) for $2.00

2) Twelve 32 oz soy or rice milks, same kind for $8.00 (please, please, please check the dates!)

3)Soy yogurts .49 cents each

4)Zensoy Vanilla pudding .79 cents each

5) Celestial Seasonings Tea, buy one and get one free. This adds up to two boxes for $1.49, wow!

While supplies last because each day can be a different sale.

1 comment:

  1. All too true! It is an unfortunate symptom of the salvage grocery structure: while we get some great products in, supplies are usually limited and sporadic. Thankfully, however, the majority of our produce is ordered fresh several times a week, so you can usually always count on that!