Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ife's Second Day of School

In protest of not being able to eat his cookie
first, he kept his protest up for the whole 4 hour
school day abstaining from food and water. I will
not be sending cookies in his lunch box anymore.
On Monday, I'll try gojii berries.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Budget Hunter: Amazing Savings

You can tell by now that we are huge fans of bananas,,,,right?
Amazing Savings has a sale on organic bananas @ .25 cents per pound. Get them while supplies last. These are on the ripe side, but not too ripe. Cut them up and put them in freezer bags in the freezer. Use them for smoothies later on.

Super Anti-oxidant Smoothie

This one packs a helluva health punch and we definitely recommend this cor making you more alkaline and healthy during these intense dog days of August.

1 1/2 cups of blueberries
1 large ripe banana
3 large leaves of lacinato kale, sliced
2 cups of hemp milk or rice milk
1 tbsp of mangosteen powder
1 tbsp of acai powder
4 cubes of ice (optional)
1/8 of cup of agave syrup to taste (optional)
Blend and serve. Serves three thirst athletes. Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

frozen blueberies save the day

Feeding a pickey eater at home is a chalenge. The chalenge increases at my parents house. Ife is excited and full of energy. He doesn't want to sit down for meals. He doesn't even want to eat his standar favorites; frozen peas, beans, noodles, and soup. The kid is about to lose it. Then Grandma steps in with a bowl of frozen blueberrys. Ife's reaction is,"Mmm! I was sad and then the blueberrys helped me be happy." We have repeated the blueberry trick several times with similar results.