Thursday, March 4, 2010

Veg on the Cheap: Featuring Rosettas

Eat out for $5 dollars or less!

Rosettas is one of our fav places to dine. Their food is superb and mostly VEGAN. Now Rosettas Kitchen has a selection of awesome menu items for $5 and under. Here are some of the goods:

Vegan Queso Dip $4.50 (yummy)
Chips n' Salsa $3.50
Chips n' Hummus/garlic style $5.00
Fresh cut home made French Fries sm $3.00/ lg $4.50
Sweet Tater French Fries sm $3.25/ lg $5.00

Small Plates
Basic Burrito $5.00
Homemade Salsa $5.00
Corn n' Tatter Fritters $5.00
Tacos $5.00
Beans n' Rice Bowl $4.75
Corn bread n' Greens $3.00
Vegan Chili n' Chips $4.50 (gotta get the formula for this)
Fruit Salad $4.50
Hearty Miso Plate $5.00

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