Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remove the Sweets and the Appetite Returns

Ife had a doctor's visit recently for an ear infection. After seeing his conventional pediatrician, anti-biotics were reluctantly prescribed. We dreaded the idea of adminstering these meds to him. We ended up seeing a wholistic doctor that Ife actually liked. She gave him a check-up and offered us some dietary options and a laundry list of things to do for our Son's optimal health. Some of the things on the list were no dairy (no preoblem, lol), no wheat, limited soy, no sugar and no cookies! It was a daily ritual that we'd give to him as we thought that these were healthy. They are spelt cokies sweetened with agave. The doctor gave us a stern NO. So we did all of the necessary supplements she prescribed and implemented the necessary dietary changes. Surely after a while we noticed some substantial improvement. Not in just his health, but his appetite! Now Ife appears hungry a lot more and he now eats more diverse foods. He is getting stronger and healthier than before and I believe that the power of his immune system is really starting to kick in. We are satisfied with our doctors and will recommend her to anybody!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blend it Up

Jonathan made a delicious soup (delicious to us) It was a hearty winter tonic containing :
japanese eggplant
red potatoes
onions and garlic
ginger powder
cumin powder
soy milk
Ife asked for frozen peas on top. Then he only wanted to eat the frozen peas. Lola commented "He only likes blended up soup." "Well, blend it up" Jonathan suggested. Lola did and Ife devoured it.