Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Veg on the Cheap: Earth Fare Grocery Outlet

Earth Fare
Deals at Earth Fare are few and far between. Even the couple I found I was nt too excited about.

1) Organic raw sunflower seeds are on sale for $2.19 per pond

2) Bagels are at an everyday price for 79 cents. (They do contain sugar)

The best deal at Earth Fare may be going to their web page and signing up for coupons at their website at
And a chance to win a $250.00 gift card at

Go Grocery Outlet

This place a a few so-called natural products with nothing organic in sight.

1) Kashi Pizzas $2.49 each for VEGAN ones

2)16 oz Conventional frozen blueberries $1.00

3) Gallon of white vinegar $1.99

4) Canned conventional vegetables 2 for $1.00

5)Cheap conventional produce

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