Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Scare on the Ride Home

As I was passing Lola's job today I had decided to call to see if she happened to be there. They had just come back from the Health Adventure and stopped by the coop to get ready for the bus ride home. They did not want to wait 45 minutes for the next bus so I thought they could ride home with me. Ife usually do not care for oranges, but today was an exception. Lola and Ife were eating a fresh organic navel orange in the backseat of the car. As we were in the homestretch, I here "Ife are you okay?" I turned around to see Ife choking and his face turning red. I pulled over and unfastened him from his car seat to try to get him to lean forward...he was still choking. At this point I panicked while Lola was forcing her fingers in his mouth to pull out this huge piece of orange pulp that Ife was choking on. (wheew!) Afterward he was able to breathe and he began to cry out of fear and relief. That was the scariest experience we've had with him in a long while. Thank Goodness he's alright!

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