Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Staycation Kind of Day

Today we were not intent on eating at the house today or at least preparing meals where we would have to clean up afterwards. It was a family day out. Our first time at the Fun Depot which is a local religous based fun center for children. We were feeding Ife french fries on the merrygoround Our darling son Ife had such a great time there playing very hard and throwing a terribly temper tantrum by the time it was for us to exit. We got a couple movies for rent from our local superstore.One for Ife (Dora) and one for the parents (that's us!). The movie was okay with a little bit of very bad acting here and there. But guess what? This was a movie with an apparent religous theme. However, dinner was great. I dropped off Ife and Lola at the house while I made a food run. First I went by the Mellow Mushroom to get a large 16 inch vegan pizza with tempeh and mushroom toppings Afterwards I stopped by the French Broad Food Coop to get a single serving salad with annies goddess dressing. By the time I came home Ife was napping giving Lola and me a litle bit of couple time for dining. Ife soon awoke to his share of pizza, yummy tomato and vegan coconut milk mint chip ice cream. Yes, today was a good day!

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