Friday, February 12, 2010

On September 7, 2007 at 12:40 am, Ife Gabriel La Fey-Daniels came into this world with both hands raised. Since then he has faced life and the food he loves with the Same exuberance. As when he was a newborn, his favorite food is "nursies". Much of the time while writing this blog Ife will be nursing, Lola(mom) will be dictating and Jonathan (dad) will be typing.

We arrived home from work today and asked if Ife needed a potty-check, his response was "avocado snack" so we gave him some avocado for starters. After a shower bath Ife was ready for dinner. It consisted of; some soup with beans, broccoli, potatoes noodles and of course frozen peas to help it cool down. Ife asks for frozen peas at about every meal. He even tried to get me to put them in his tea. He loves frozen peas so much he often request the frozen pea song. I didn't know one so I made it up.

Frozen Peas
Frozen Peas
You are little and green and round
And oh so cold
I got you from the freezer
You cooled down my food
Eat it up
Eat it up
Yum yum Yum!

Dessert was some Turtle Mountain Mint Chip coconut milk ice cream and tension tamer tea and banana. We like this kind of ice cream because it is vegan, has no sugar and is delicious! All the food was organic, which is better for our family and the Earth.

After tea and dessert we are all in our pajamas watching his favorite cartoon video "Dora the Explorer" . As I lay here in bed typing this , Ife has surely interrupted the process of us all falling asleep by exclaiming "potty check!" This is an inconvenience of a potty trained child that we chose to deal with as it takes up to forty-five minutes of him sitting on the potty and one of us reading three or more story books to him. Much to our chagrin, there are times when he gets up from his potty check with an empty potty. After a long day of being over spent and exhausted, there are sometimes that I wish he that he were in diapers! :-)

Ife's wisdom for the day, "Bring the church home."

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