Thursday, February 25, 2010

After Illness, Dinner with Gusto!

Ife gobbled up two bowls of dinner with gusto. It was a full regular meal too! This consisted sauteed tempeh, bok choy and potatoes covered in a red beet spicy tomato sauce. This is a great sign of progress since Ife had gotten sick Tuesday night. Oh boy...! Tuesday was the pitts. He seemed fine up until around 10:00 pm. I started with a cough. A couple minutes later another cough which Lola had noticed and stated her concern. Illnness had ensued within one hour of the first cough making our night very difficult. Ife was throwing up mucus in 10 to 30 minute intervals and he was feeling miserable. We all had about 2 hours total sleep each.
We thought that the rice water was a sure remedy for his as we had tried it on a previous occasion and it was very productive then. Not this time. Everything and the kitchen sink we utilized with no success. Every tincture, herb, electrolyte drink, rice water, probiotics, etc. By 8:30 the next morning I had called his doctor and they said he should come in. Whilst driving with my fingers crossed I could not help but to think of the horror of giving him anti-biotics. Well, the doctors said it was a passing virus and a possible ear infection and it should be over with quickly so there will be no need for antibiotics. Hallelujah! He's already on the mend and very active.
Ife is such a great child and he is full of compassion and goodness. It is by God's grace that we are blessed to have him in our lives. He wants everyone around him to feel good and he's aware when people are sad or hurt. He often says with sincerity, "feel better".

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