Friday, February 19, 2010

A Friday to Forget

It would be hard for me to not mention the emotional and epic rock slide that had occurred throughout the entire day. This morning was a $35.00 parking ticket, and dropping a case (glass) of liquid on my wife's foot(owwweee!), and many other things falling through the cracks. (sigh) Let's stay focused.
Today, Ife and I had gone to our fav play museum at the Diana Wortham Center; The Health Adventure. We frequent this place three to four times per week on average because there are many fun things to do in this safe and secure location. The staff here are very friendly and all treat Ife like a VIP/celebrity. We had gone over to the grocery store play area where various fake food stuffs are such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk and meat. All of a sudden Ife asks me "what's this daddy?" "That's a cucumber" I had responded. "What's the daddy?" "That's an eggplant" "What's this daddy?" "A peach". I think this is the first time he had questioned me with such an eagerness to know the names of the types of food there. And then "What's this daddy?" I paused as I was thinking about how I should answer this one. He was holding a peace of roast beef. Being perplex I felt prompted to call my wife at her job for some advice about how I should respond. She said that I should tell him the truth and to say "that was part of a cow that had gotten hurt and it's very sad. That cow was a baby at one point and had a mommy and a daddy that loved her just like you." I had chosen to be oblivious to the fact that one day he would know that some people eat meat. Well, today was some day.

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