Friday, June 11, 2010

More Co-op June Sales

There aren't as many coupons this month, but there are some sales worth mentioning.
1. Cascadian Farms Vegies two for $5.00.
2.Muir Glen 14oz tomatoes. two for $3.00
3. Living Harvest Tept Hempmilk 2 for $5.00. Look for the $1.00 off coupon on some milks.
4. Westbrae org. beans 15oz three for $4.00
5. Bionature organic pasta 16oz $1.99
6.Amy& Brian coconut juice 17oz $1.79
7. Newman's organic 7-8oz pretzels $2.29

The co-op is located at 90 Biltmore Ave. in downtown Asheville.
The phone number is (828) 255-7650

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