Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Spits and You're Done!

Last night Ife spit out his food three times. We took him out of his seat and he was done eating for the night. I was concerned because Ife had of recent been a hearty eater at least at dinner time. It wasn't as if he didn't like the food, the bite before he spit it out was a yum bite. The dinner consisted of some of his favorite; beans, coconut milk, noodles, beans, frofen peas and frozen corn.
Today I talked to an elder, a Mother and Grandma, she suggested we not make a big deal about it, when he is done he is done. Tonight we tried it. Ife spit out a bite of food. I very calmly explained this was his first warning, after three bites spit out ther would be no more food that night. He didn't spit out any more food, and comunicated verbally when he was done eating. We took a little walk, then the three of us indulged in vegan cocunut ice cream.

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